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At OSSO Energy, we understand how difficult it is to find the right energy contract and that’s why we offer a wide variety of tailor-made options to suit your business needs. Whether you need a quote, advice on your energy plan or guidance on how to reduce your bills, OSSO Energy and it’s team of experts are here to help.

Latest Update

Help for business and other non-domestic customers

The current Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) ends on 31st of March 2023. On 9th January 2023, the government announced the new Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS) for eligible non-domestic consumers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland which will run for 12 months from the 1st of April 2023 to 31st of March 2024. It supports businesses and public sector organisations such as schools and hospitals by providing a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices. We will continue to work closely alongside the government and give our customers further details on what it means for them and their businesses once the details of the scheme are finalised. If you are a customer of ours and you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our agents.

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Our business contracts couldn’t be easier to understand. From fixed-price plans to fully flexible contracts, we have tariffs to suit every type of business. To get a quote from us, simply fill in your details below and one of our team will be in touch.


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Bespoke energy tariffs to suit your business needs

Smart Meters

We are curently working on connecting OSSO Energy to the smart meter network to provide our customers a hassle-free way of providing us their usage and meter reads.


About OSSO Energy

OSSO Energy is UK based gas supplier and shipper which provides a bespoke and intimate service to businesses and other non-domestic entities. At OSSO, we pride ourselves on delivering the best prices possible for our customers which is why we are one of the fastest growing gas supply companies in the UK. We aim to deliver a 5-star experience to our customers and each one of our dedicated staff members are on hand to make sure we do the hard work so you can get on with running your business.

OSSO Energy is a registered gas supplier with Ofgem.
Ofgem licence number – 09064653.


How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, simply email customerservices@ossoenergy.com or use our quote request form and send us your company details, meter number (MPRN or serial number), usage and contract end date and one of our team will be in touch.

How do I pay my bill?

We only accept direct debit as a method of payment. This is the safest and fastest method of paying your bill on time. If you cancel your direct debit, you’ll be placed onto an out of contract rate and incur a £50 plus VAT administrative fee.

How to make a complaint?

To make a complaint, simply use the Make a Complaint page to read more on complaints procedures.

What are deemed rates?

Deemed rates are the rates that you may have to pay when you move into a new location and become a new tenant at an existing site. At the point of moving sites, you may not have an active contract for that new premise with a supplier, so you’re ‘deemed’ as being supplied by the previous tenant’s or owner’s supplier. As a result of being supplied by, but not having an active contract in place, the new supplier would have to charge you something for the energy you consume and that is where deemed rates come in. Essentially, the customer would be charged at the deemed rate by the property’s existing supplier. Deemed rates are higher than negotiated, contracted rates but will be much lower than out-of-contract rates. This is because it is not your fault that you don’t have a contract during the transition period of moving, whereas you have either made an active decision to not have a contract or been negligent in not arranging a new one if you find yourself out of contract. It is important to understand that if your new inherited supplier contacts you and you refuse their offer of supply, you will technically be classified as out of contract and therefore liable to out-of-contract rates. Deemed rates are different from variable tariffs. To fully understand OSSO’s regulatory responsibilities of deemed rates and the differences between those and out of contract rates, please contact a member of the team who would be able to offer advice and guidance on how to avoid both.

How to avoid deemed rates.

The best way to avoid paying deemed rates is to think a step ahead of any changes or to try to be as organised as possible when moving. If you’re moving your business into new premises, try and arrange your energy contract before you move in, or if this isn’t possible, try to arrange a tariff for as soon as you move. Deemed contracts are legal and enforceable by energy suppliers. If your supplier has failed to inform you that you are on a deemed rate, you might be able to negotiate with them if you can prove it. If your energy company has not provided you with a copy of the full contract upon your request or contacted you about other contract options before the end of your current contract, you might be able to have your contract terminated. If you are thinking of moving or would like to speak to a member of the team regarding a move, please contact us to discuss your options.

For a better deal, contact us on 0333 335 0452

What are out of contract rates?

Out-of-contract rates are the rates that you must pay when you’re not signed up to a contract with your energy supplier. This may sound unusual, but it could happen to your business if the following occurs.

  • You tell your supplier that you want to terminate your energy contract, or your contract expires but don’t have a new deal in place when it ends.
  • You’re trying to switch to another supplier, and your switch takes longer than expected to complete, meaning your contract ends before you can move to your new supplier and during that gap period, you would be classed as officially out of contract.

Out-of-contract rates can sometimes be charged at more than double the market rate. For example, a standing charge of £1 a day, and a unit rate of 20p/kWh, compared to a typical rate of 25p a day, and 11p/kWh (the rates shown in this example are to demonstrate the predictive difference between rates and are not the rates charged by OSSO Energy).

There is no limit on the rates a supplier can charge to out-of-contract customers so the cost of not ensuring you are in a contract can be significant for your business. OSSO Energy will always endeavour to contact its customers who are nearing the end of their contracts to offer renewal options and/or advice on what to do next. We are not obligated to enforce contracts on our customers neither are we responsible for customers’ negligence should they find themselves out of contract. However, we will always treat all customer fairly and with a high level of diligence and professionalism and do our best to ensure customers do not end up out of contract.

Note: Rates effective from the 1st of April will be billed net of any discounts applicable under the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS).

What to do to avoid out of contract rates.

With out-of-contract rates, it’s important to pay close attention to when your contract is due to end and to make sure you arrange a new contract well in advance of any expiry dates.  It’s the sole responsibility of the customer to decide to refuse any offered deal(s) and to ensure that they always remain in contract. If a customer somehow wound up paying a deemed or out-of-contract rate but subsequently moved to a contract with the same supplier, you can ask the company to backdate the rates from your new tariff to cover the period you were on the higher rates. This is not a regulatory obligation of the supplier to do this, but we would certainly consider it as an act of goodwill dependent on why you faced those rates in the first place. For any advice on out of contract rates and how to avoid them, please get in touch with a member of the OSSO team.


If you smell gas or suspect a leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service number immediately on 0800 111 999 or via textphone (minicom) on 0800 371 787. If you’re a British Sign Language (BSL) user, you can use SignLive to contact the National Gas Emergency Service free of charge.

Advice for emergencies:

  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Move everyone into fresh air.
  • Do not switch anything electrical on or off.
  • Don’t smoke, strike matches or do anything which could make the gas catch fire.

If someone has collapsed or is displaying severe symptoms, seek medical help by calling the emergency services on 999 or 112. 

When you call the National Gas Emergency Service, you’ll be put through to an operator who will log your call into the emergency data base. You will then be asked for details of the gas leak and be asked to provide the following information.

  • The address of the emergency.
  • How many people are at the property.
  • What area is the smell the strongest.
  • How long the smell has been there.
  • Whether any neighbours or surrounding areas are affected.
  • Your name and phone number.
  • Any special circumstances or access information.

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